Our mission as a charity is to empower the work of dedicated activists and small rescuers who share our vision of compassion.We understand that each country where dogs and cats have been cruelly treated needs a sensitive understanding of local culture to bring change. In 2021, we started our work in Cambodia.

It began helping rescuers in Sinoukville who needed our help with veterinary care/ spay and neuter of the many cats dumped at pagodas or left to starve. We then opened a small education centre close to the border of Thailand. Here many dogs are still trafficked for food. Dog dealers approach villagers on motorbikes who exchange pots and pans for the victims.

Our project was well-received, and in October 2021, a group of school children joined our campaign to run the Virtual Marathon, joining runners worldwide who wanted to #Run4TheDogs, raising awareness and fundraising.

Our work in 2022 now focuses on the capital of Phom Penh, where there are still many stalls selling dog meat. We are currently undertaking surveillance and investigation into why this brutal trade continues and will lobby governments locally and at the UN level for change. We are working closely with a wonderful rescuer who cares for over 50 dogs and cats, many saved from the dog meat trade. He spends his free time tirelessly taking in animals in need, getting them veterinary treatment and saving them from the dog meat trade. Our plans include partnering with him to build a small sanctuary on the city’s outskirts and continue our education work. We hope as borders open to welcome volunteers to help us make this happen and care for the rescues.

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