United Nations

United Nations

Our charity, World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade, was awarded Special Consultative Status by the United Nations in April 2018. We are very proud of this achievement and the opportunity it affords us to be a voice for the dogs and cats of the meat trade in the ears of those who have the power to make real change happen.

The health of all species is at the heart of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and animal welfare is integral to achieving these goals. We aim to inform the UN plan and promote the urgent needs of our charity’s beneficiaries – the dogs and cats of the meat trade wherever this horrendous trade exists in the world.

Our overarching mission is to work with countries where the dog and cat meat trade exists and to push them to create and enforce animal welfare laws to end the torture and suffering our companion animals are forced to endure.

Some of our other key actions

  • Raising Debate on the Issue in the Uk Governments
  • Presenting petitions to embassies, the WHO and world leaders
  • Letter writing campaigns to Ministries of Agriculture. The World Organization for Animal Health and officials with the power to bring change
  • Implementing Education and animal welfare programmes in countries where the trade exists to further the Global Sustainability and Development Goals


We encourage all animal lovers to follow our social media pages, where we regularly publish actions you can do.

On our blog, we update on our achievements in banning this trade.