Our Projects

Our Projects

Charity Objects

Our Charity is unique. It promotes humane behaviour towards dogs and cats by any or all of the following means:

i.preventing or suppressing cruelty to animals in the dog and cat meat trade worldwide;

ii.providing support to animal sanctuaries who rescue dogs and cats from the meat trade;

iii.facilitating provision of veterinary care and treatment for dogs and cats in the meat trade including those at dog farms and animals which have been rescued;

iv.assisting with rehoming of dogs and cats ( including lost pets) who have been rescued from the dog and cat meat markets and trade;

v.campaigning for animal welfare laws to be respected on an international and national level for animals in the dog and cat meat trade at all levels including dog farms,live transport of dogs and cats for slaughter. slaughter house regulations and/or suppression of boiling/skinning and blowtorching live dogs and cats in the meat markets.

Our ongoing work is a mission of love. We are committed to lobbying, education, rescue, caring for survivors and rehoming them. We work with grassroots activists in China, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia, and we run campaigns in every country where dogs and cats are cruelly used for food and fur. Please follow our blog and social media for our latest projects and appeals.

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life who share our vision of compassion.

Our Yulin Dog Meat Festival Rescue and Survivor Appeal